Shamanic Healing

In my work, shamanic healing above all refers to liberating foreign energy from your aura and body and to bringing back lost parts of your Soul.

How can a form of foreign energy connect to a human being’s energy system? This can have multiple reasons, most often occur: abuse, trauma and shock, being in hospital (and unable to keep the aura stable because you are not healthy enough on the physical and Soul Level), especially operations or bad injuries and all sorts of intoxication after consuming alcohol, cannabis or so-called hard drugs (it does not matter which). Even pills influencing our Soul, mind or psyche make us lose full control of ourselves and our energy system, and holes open up in the aura. Then beings of the spiritual world or other people’s Soul parts can connect to and live on our energy. 


The less control we have of ourselves, the easier it is for foreign energies. It is very important to me to draw your attention to your responsibility for yourself. And the more Soul parts are missing, the more room there is in our aura for foreign energies...


Soul parts never leave us just like that, but only when an experience is so bad that a part of us can no longer stand staying with us. This can have the same reasons as already stated above. If someone experiences a state of shock, is abused, hit, does not assume his resp. her responsibility and flees reality by means of drugs (addiction contains “add”, so what are addicts really trying to add to their lives?), if someone hurts him or herself or suffers from eating disorders – then a part may leave. 


Lost Soul parts have always been brought back in shamanic traditions. The Shaman travels into other worlds by the sound of rattles or drums in order to look for the Soul parts and make them come back. I have been practicing this technique successfully for years; it has helped me personally greatly, too.


So if you have the feeling that you are not really yourself anymore or feel incomplete, just get in touch.