Magnetic Birth Chakra

Your Magnetic Birth Chakra is situated in your navel. In many people it is not open, free and active because of numerous unpleasant experiences in the past. Its purpose is to supply you with your original energy and to nourish you so you may optimally deal with your life and tasks. However, if this chakra is closed, you lack a part of your essence. 


I have learned a technique to free, open and activate this chakra, so you may be flooded with your original energy (perhaps for the first time in a very, very long time). Injuries that have left behind deeper cuts in your emotional body are treated energetically, too.


Though not everything may be fully healed at once in one treatment, it becomes a lot easier and your newly won energies speed up your healing process and make it more comfortable. Those among us who have been working on ourselves for quite some time know that some injuries need time to heal; and that we need time, too, to be strong enough to be able to really look at something and grow beyond it. Your Soul will always allow just as much as you can take. Trust your Soul.


The result of the treatment is that all your aura layers and your body, every tiny cell within you is supplied and re-informed with your original energy. Therefore, it is a great advantage and you will profit best from this treatment, when as many blockades and interferences as possible have been dismantled and done away with as thoroughly as possible… 

This is why I prefer my clients to have an ancestor channeling done in order to free themselves from family structures that are not good for them, and have a Body Sweeping session in order to be energetically as pure as possible, so the energy may flow as freely as possible. In these circumstances, this treatment’s effects are more intense in my experience. Exceptions are children as they are usually energetically purer than grown-ups.