Body Sweeping

With the help of my spiritual helpers and Divine Light I take away everything which is old, which no longer fits, which you no longer need and is blocking you. It is an energetic purification process, but there is a lot of information saved within your body as well, and sometimes your body needs the touch in order to truly realize that it may now let go and become free. So, I sweep your body (respecting your private parts). 


What effects does it have? Freeing on all levels, pure well being and your new and yet original fresh power may, finally, take room to flow. It is a precondition for opening your magnetic birth chakra (for more information scroll down). 


The treatment is recommended every three to six months or on demand – you do brush your teeth every day, don’t you. So why accept mess, chaos and blockades in your energy fields and have it all build up until you cannot go on anymore? 


If you want to, I put malachite gems around your body (Malachite treatment) after the session, creating a force field so the gems may heal and cleanse you with their vibrations as well. You will rise refreshed and relaxed and able to clearly feel your power.