Ray Children

In order to explain what Ray Children are, I would like to quote the foreword of the book “The Ray Children book” I channeled: 



Ray Children are not better people, for in this universe of love there are no better or worse beings, all are equal. However, focus, potentials and life tasks set these people apart from the others: Ray Children incarnate in order to serve the whole of humanity and the entire system of planet earth. They help us commonly raise the vibrations on our planet. In order to be able to do this, many of them (so, really: many of you) have special gifts and abilities. Some can communicate with angels or other beings; others are here in order to channel energies and guide them to where they ought to be; others’ main task is to help you experience love more intensively… and they all have one thing in common: frequently they affront people who are still stuck in old patterns and programs.

The children do not do so out of malice. In the end, all people are given the possibility to free themselves, to become more loving beings. Dear ones, you live at a special time. Evolution is not a past thing, it is happening right now. Be a part of it.”



I could not put it in better words.

Since the 1980s and 1990s, more and more children are born into this world who are exceptional – because they scrutinize extremely much or because they are in close contact to the spiritual world, because they share so much love and joy with their fellow people or because they have an especially distinct understanding of justice, environmental protection etc.

Every child is special and has a special task to fulfill. Before their Souls come into the bodies of unborn children, the Ray Children make the decision to expose themselves to the color ray that will fit them with the very potentials, cognitive abilities and powers they need in order to be able to fulfill their task in life, their service.

Why are the Ray Children so important to me? I am one myself and know from personal experience just how greatly it has helped me to realize this and conscious/awarely live accordingly. I trust that my book will help some readers to better get to know and understand themselves. I also know that exceptional children often are quite an ordeal for parents. And very often, children who do not fit into normal patterns are tranquilized by means of pharmaceutical drugs. This makes it impossible for them to live their task and they dull. They learn that they are not OK, that they cause many problems for their parents, that people are ashamed of them, that they are excluded from society as freaks and outsiders. Is that a fair way to thank them for wanting to help us and planet earth? I do not think so. I would like to offer an alternative by means of this book that I channeled from the keepers of the color ray. The most important reaction to these children is understanding, honesty and love. I wish to call for these qualities in all urgency, because we need the Ray Children in order to make the present increase of vibration happen easier and in more harmony. For this, we need to make room for these children in our society, in our families, in our ways of thinking.

I am aware that there are quite a number of terms for these extraordinary children, like Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Children of the New Age or Diamonds. Apparently, it was not possible earlier to receive and pass on more detailed information and it seems to be necessary now (Indigo and Rainbow are, indeed, two of several color rays that are described). The book contains descriptions of all major color rays, their function, common and differing aspects, advice how to ideally treat these children so they may thrive as well and much as possible and develop their full potential for the highest good of all.


It is my intention to create understanding for the Ray Children and give them an adequate place in society. We are not few, but said to be already 10 % of all incarnating children.

The term is not my invention, but was given to me by my late teacher Frank Alper (www.adamis.ch) who started receiving information 20 years ago. I would like to clearly state the information coming from him:


QUOTE (from his seminar folder)

More than 20 years ago, I learned that special root races of Souls would come to earth in order to help with the development of planetary awareness. Kryon informed the population on the Indigo children. In the meantime, there are many names: Crystal Children, Children of the Light, etc. In spring 2006, I was informed that nine different categories of rays put themselves at service to humanity and planet earth and learned their percentage numbers. Beside these service incarnations, Souls would continue to incarnate with the task to live and learn from experiences and processes serving their further development.

The percentages apply to Ray Children only and do not relate to the world’s entire population.


Silver-blue: 51 %

These Souls and conscious children are guided by creative Master Ishmael and were strengthened by the creative energy of love. Their number must be above 50 % in order to break the Age of Aquarius’ polarity of love and balance. All these Souls originate from the family of Universal Light of Adamis.


Indigo: 17 %

These Souls receive an addition of magnetic indigo light before incarnating on earth. For this magnetic age, Adamis brought the Masters Kryon and Aletia into our universe by Quadrille 5. Aletia brings a new frequency of magnetic love energy that has never been known here before. This is a revolutionary healing frequency for our universe. Kryon and Aletia guide and teach these aware children.


Rose-green: 12 %

These Souls and children are guided by the great earth Master “Newahjac”, a Soul which spent many a lifetime as Native American. They are children of the earth. They have a natural connection to beings of Mother Earth, nature and animals. They come here in order to re-establish balance between body and Soul in relation to planet earth.


Rust: 6 %

These Souls receive their influence of magnetic energy from the universal grid system. They are counseled by Jesus and Mary, the directors of the universal Ashtar command. These children are the space commands’ ambassadors on earth and will be in conscious connection to their active role on earth and the guiding masters of the space commands.


Gold: 2 %

The essence of Pythagoras is the leading guidance for this group. They will deal with mathematics and science. Their mind is of a higher intellect, theoretical and abstract. At present, they concentrate their incarnations to Asia.


Orange: 3 %

Their purpose is in the field of psychological, mental and emotional conditions of life. They are trained and guided by the essence of Carl G. Jung. Their aim is to accept the self in grace and in personal freedom.


Rainbow: 3 %

This ray is neutral and contains all frequencies of the. They are guided and counseled by Ivanor, the core Soul for creative love in this universe. They keep all rays together.


Pastel pink: 3 %

Laurita, universal arch angel of grace is their connection, together with the kingdom of angels. In a natural way, these children are drawn to angels for their blandness, love and compassion.


Soft gold: 3 %

Fairies are the earthly brothers and sisters of angels. These children and the fairies will be drawn together in order to re-establish balance between physical structure and Soul. “Lady Nadja” guides and leads them. A powerful instrument for the physical and emotional healing of the earth’s chakras.



The percentages are no longer valid. At present, I am aware of 17 color rays, some mix resp. combine quite frequently, too. For more information, please refer to the “Latest Channeling” by Ivanor.

Why do they come more and more frequently?

Ray children of the time of transition. Earth as an entire system, i.e. the planet itself and all beings inside and on it including humanity, is going through a time of evolution towards higher steps of evolution.


People used to live in closer harmony with nature and so, it will have been easier for them to take part in developments of the entire system. They will not have needed help from higher developed Souls. We, however, are living at a time in which many powers still want evolution to happen to their personal advantage or not at all. People are being kept afraid and ignorant, are being surrounded with many negative and shocking news and drama for their vibration to remain low. Who does this serve? In short: all who want to manipulate, exploit and keep small. Ray Children are messengers of the universe which in large parts is already vibrating on higher levels. They are to help the entire system earth to evolve, grow and align with love, respect of freedom and honesty. They are the midwives of the new age, the age of Aquarius, the age in which women and men and children are equal, in which clarity replaces ignorance and true equality replaces the hierarchies of power of our time.


A social order’s foundation ought to be the highest good of all, not the full wallet of few. In order to help establish a new order, there are Ray Children. It is already there within them, which is why they resent all that contradicts this just order. In this way, they strive to bring into the world what they already feel inside. Whoever takes a look at the history of this world, will realize that it is time for a big change. And that  is the reason why these children are coming in growing numbers.