Plants Soul Collective Channellings

By now, there are 92 Channellings of Plant Collective Souls.  All Plant Collective Souls that are part of Young Living's Oils are channeled so far. A Collective Soul here means the common spirits of individual plants, i.e. all Balsam Firs have one common Soul which I call the Balsam Fir Collective Soul. 

In these Channellings which comprise between 8 and 24 pages each, you will find detailed information on how the essential oil, the plant or the Collective Soul will affect the different levels of us human beings: 

  • Conscious level (wake consciousness, mind)
  • Unconscious level
  • Physical level (body, cell memory, chakras)
  • Soul level
  • Emotional and pain body
  • Inner Child
  • Ego
  • Shadow
  • Ancestors – topics, programs, information and patterns
  • Aura (spiritual level, energy body)


 Besides, you will learn 

  • how and where and in which intensifying combination the essential oil may be used;
  • if there are ways of application as yet unknown which we humans may now learn for the highest good of all;
  • what it means if someone cannot stand or craves a particular essential oil etc.


The Soul Collectives call these Channellings „information medicine“ for the Soul Collectives will work with any human reading or listening to the Channellings.


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Channelled Treatments

During some Channellings entirely new treatments were transmitted and I feel honored to be allowed to share and teach them. This knowledge comes directly from the Collective Souls, I neither invented nor developed these techniques. They take effect on all levels, particularly on the energetic, the information as well as the Soul level. It is recommended to only have two treatments in a fortnight in emergency cases. In most cases, a longer break in between sessions would be better, as your system will need to arrive, settle in and stabilize on the new level. New Channellings and Treatments are being added continuously. 




I teach some of these techniques in the form of seminars in Austria and Germany, others are meant as self-treatments. In case you are interested in the latter, please follow this path.
Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions.