Turquoise White Color Ray


Is there a Turquoise White Color Ray?


Yes, there is.


Who are the keepers of this Ray?


Strength and Lonar in combination with Divine Light are its keepers. When in contact with Divine Light, Lonar is called Lonar Ani. Calling him by this name in this context will help him to better fulfill his service.


All right. I would like to ask Strength and Lonar Ani for a detailed, impersonal channeling on the vibration of the Turquoise-White Color Ray and its effects on the corresponding Ray Children.


This is the Color Ray of the crystal levels, memories of incarnations in Atlantis, of crystal planets, interstellar space ships and in the service of increasing the vibrations on different planets and levels. Those who call themselves Crystal Children will feel partially recognized here.


The Turquoise corresponds to Atlantis on your planet. It stands for the know-how of working with crystals. White stands for wisdom and a great sense of responsibility. For this is what you need in order to prevent Atlantis’ fate from happening again: there and then, irresponsible acts, disrespect for natural resources and ruthlessness combined with aloof and abstract knowledge provoked a catastrophe.  This must not happen ever again. For this reason, there is the White of Divine Light in this Color Ray combination, so as to ensure that wisdom, reason and actions in favor of the common good will “control” the abstract work with crystal knowledge and star levels.


The Earth Keeper Crystals as well as many other crystals are reemerging. That is not a coincidence. They can help to speed up the increase of vibration during rather uncomfortable stages, so those will only last for a short period of time.


Children of the Turquoise White Color Ray often have innate abilities in crystal healing work. They possess intuitive knowledge, e.g. where to put which stone, in order to heal or increase the vibration. They have good access to situational information that can support and promote healing processes. When not busy with crystal or healing work, they can lead quite a “normal” life. They need this counterbalance in order to be able to heal. If humans with active Turquoise-White Magnetic Birth Chakra are sitting in a crowd, they may even consciously heal and clarify, similar to a Rock Crystal that corresponds to their body height. With a little training, they may even program themselves like a Rock Crystal.


But, of course, the effect is limited to people with active or developing resonance. This is why it is so important for these Ray Children to be in touch with other people and to keep their grounding at all times. Indeed, it may be important for many of them to consciously pay attention to these aspects of life. Obviously, they are able to recognize programs in crystals and, with a little training, to decipher and decode them. Of course, they are also able to find slightly buried crystals and to even work with the crystal layers within planet earth.


They serve by giving back the medicine of the crystal levels to humanity, as soon there will be no pharmaceutical companies left and humanity will remember the powers of nature and its effects. Crystals are a part of the natural powers and wonderful resources for many different kinds to work and to heal. They are to be used more often – for the highest good of all.


Which aspects are to be paid attention when dealing with these Ray Children?


Nothing in particular; basically, they will tell you what they need; often they are interested in different plants, sun systems and the universe in general. They want to work and learn in calm, and someone who will listen to them when they excitedly report on their insights. They wish for honesty, respect for their way of being and love. Of course, appreciation will do them good, but do not overdo things here, as strong egoism may lead to hard, painful lessons.


They just want to be the way they are and, at best, be able to gain their living with that. You will also find already grown-up Turquoise White Ray Children. They may sell minerals or may be spiritual or energetic healers, scientists and researchers in the field of astronomy; they may be astrologers or clairvoyants and can be very good channel media – if they want to and train a little. Even for them, nothing comes without any training, but they are very apt at channeling if they are able to control their Ego.


Thank you very much!