Transformation 2


Self-treatment with essential oils, recommended if you feel: “I know something must happen soon, but I do not quite know what…”


For three months take one capsule a week with one drop each of Peppermint and Goldenrod. Use the power of Ylang Ylang to stabilize if necessary, but only smell it (you may apply it in extreme cases).


Break of three weeks.


Now, for another three weeks take one capsule filled with one drop each of Peppermint, Goldenrod and Frankincense.


Break of one week.


Now, for one week take one such a capsule every day.


On the last day, take a capsule filled with one drop each of Frankincense and Ylang Ylang.




But basically if you do not combine Goldenrod with too many other Collective Souls, you may do with it as you will. Please always make sure to drink enough water without gas and sleep long enough.


If you do not sleep enough because you work such long hours or you are a mother of small children and never get enough sleep anyway, you ought to wait with this/any regime until your sleeping rhythm has returned to being healthy, as otherwise your system might get overtaxed. While you sleep, your system works off quite some things when it is necessary, so your mind does not always interfere where it would only engage you in redundant drama, if you would realize everything consciously, and you would inevitably react emotionally. That would slow down or even deadlock your development, because then you would refuse to take on this constant effort with good reason.


If you are a child, if you are pregnant or a parent to very small children, you ought not to seek such intense processes, which often are an additional burden and may be the straw to break the camel’s neck, in case the positive change cannot be felt soon enough. Sometimes, people will refuse any further development due to such experiences.  It is not our intention to bring anyone into a no-win situation, so rather take it slow, until you are ready and able to at least satisfy your basic needs for enough food, water, sleep etc.