The Power of Three


You need

*1 rose quartz to program with the Rose Collective Soul

*1 amethyst to program with the Collective Soul of Frankincense or Sage

*1 serpentine to program with one Collective Soul of your choice (Rosemary, Dill, Thyme, Oregano etc. up to meadow herbs)


How to program the gems


Buy the gems, wash them and let them bathe in direct sunlight (no window pane in between!) or onto Mother Earth so they get back in touch with nature.


Decide which Collective Souls you want to accompany and support you for one year. Once made, this decision cannot be changed until the year is gone (obviously, it need not start on a January 1, though).


Take the gem to your heart, reach out for the chosen Collective Soul with your mind, and ask for the gem to be programmed with the Collective Soul’s vibration for one year and the gem’s Collective Soul for its permission and support.


Now download the Collective Soul’s information via your system and let it flow through your heart chakra into the gem. Once the energy stops flowing, the gem is programmed. For those of you who do not feel it so clearly: this can take up to 15 minutes per gem. It is often completed after a few minutes, though. 


Thank the Collective Souls for their service and treat the gems attentively, so they may stay and be passed on.


How to treat the gems


Use the gems for one year on demand. Put them on your body, energize water or places (e.g. underneath your bed or similar), be creative! The gems need only be cleaned once before their initial programming, as they are connected to the Collective Souls which keep them clean. You need not use all three every day, on some days you will not touch even of them maybe, but they are in your apartment, in your house and so they take effect on you without fail.


When and how to pass the gems on


The gems may accompany and support you for one year; they save the memories of your healing processes within and then may serve the next human. When the year is gone, thank the gems and say goodbye and pass them on with the instruction of how to use them. We recommend passing all three gems on to one person (who is free to decide whether to choose Frankincense or Sage and another herb and reprograms the gems). It is possible to spread them to different people but tell them that the Power of Three will unfold best when all three gems are there together, so ask them to buy the other two, wash and clean them and program them as described above.