Pearl White Color Ray


I would like to ask Ivanor for a detailed, impersonal Channeling on the pearl white Color Ray and its Ray Children


Uriel is the keeper of this Color Ray. He is growing beyond the competences of an archangel and has taken on this task. He is being supported during his stage of learning and settling-in by Jesus and me (of all other keepers).
As yet, this Color Ray is being used quite occasionally on earth, and in many of these Ray Children the birth vibration is not active but put on wait. The time is still a little premature for these children to be able to live their potentials untroubled.
During and after the time of great instability, their active stage will come. Then they will be able to unfold their vibrations.
The pearl white Ray Children carry all color energies except for black; in them this energy is already transformed into an intense lilac. But their Color Ray energies are like a closed flower bud. Once the time comes, they will open and shining colors will unfold like petals or a color palette.


These children are rather calm and withdrawn, they do not like at all letting themselves get worked up, and balanced, harmonious surroundings are important to them. They do not work actively towards changes. They cannot stand quarrels in their surroundings. When their attempts to mediate fail, they will withdraw and sometimes even avoid the quarreling parties. To them, quarrels often represent unnecessary instability and discharge of aggressions they cannot cope with. They do not even want to and consider it an imposition, whenever they have to deal with such situations.


However, your systems often do not allow a Pearl White child to live in peace until his or her time has come. So, sometimes it is necessary to activate certain ray energies in a short period of time. But this creates imbalance in the child’s system and is not that simple.


The Pearl White energy is generated via Laurita and Gabriela and sealed by Uriel. It is like a protective cover that is put over the inactive rainbow energies. Indeed, these children have a shining, slightly iridescent Aura when relaxed and balanced.


Black vibrations are not important to these children anymore; they carry the transformed form of negative polarity. With the negative polarity being transformed on earth, earth and humanity will become more and more compatible with these children and they may dare slowly to come forward, to show themselves and take humans the way they will be then – in order to take them where polarity may be lived in harmony and in a transformed way.


They will set the example for you. Many of them will be grown-up by then, they will be 20 years of age or older. Your challenge will be to accept their teachings even though you will be their elders. Quite some things will be different then.


When you open and activate the Magnetic Birth Chakra you will only perceive pearl white, at the moment. Uriel and Jesus and I will only open the Pearl White Seal and fully allow the Magnetic Birth Chakra to be opened and activated when that will be right and OK for the specific Ray Child.


We have learned this lesson from generations of Rainbow Children sent ahead who were hurt very much without this kind of protection (their Magnetic Birth Chakras were only deactivated). We were not able to prevent any of that. Now, the next generation is incarnating with this special protection, so it will be possible for these children to remain unharmed and later on live all Color Rays. Many Rainbow Children cannot fully live their birth rays due to personal emotional and physical injuries because blockades and scars as well as fear and belief systems keep them from living certain energies or make this hard for them.


Many of you need a lot of healing, in order to be able to live your full potential free of any past constraints. We do not sleep, but offer your Souls healing sessions again and again while you are sleeping. They accept them readily and willingly in order to support you in your development and healing processes for your highest good. For example, in some of you a lot of things were broken due to raw violence. Some of you need to learn again how to trust and how to love – potentials that you were fitted with originally. But they were buried underneath sheer fear.


We call out to all parents (irrespective of whether your children are Ray Children or not): Stop beating your children or treating them like little fools! They do not deserve that. And if you have a problem, please first take a look at yourself and in your own past where its origin is. Your children draw your attention to all that is not healed within you. With their behavior they show you your sore points. Appreciate the clues and free your children from their task by telling them (it works at every age) that you have understood what they wanted to show you and that you are going to tackle it now. Tell them it is no longer necessary to react in a certain way. A child’s behavior may change from one minute to the next; the child may relax and may be a child again – instead of your development aid worker.


And please really set about your sore points. If you do not do it, it may settle itself during the time of great instability – or it may completely unsaddle you then. Whatever you can take care of, dissolve, release and heal for your own highest good and the highest good of all is helpful so you may remain calm during that time.


Besides if you do not heal an issue, one of your children (or all of them together) may take it on out of love and readiness to support you. Then, they will experience painful things similar to what you experienced in order to be given the possibility to go from the stage of injury and pain toward healing. Please tidy up your own past, if you wish to spare your children this experience.


End of speech J - but it was important to make these things perfectly clear.


Back to the Pearl-White Ray Children: If you open the Magnetic Birth Chakra of such a child, you will get into direct contact with Divine Light (for that is what the Pearl White energy is made of – Laurita and Gabriela simply intensified and strengthened its protective function) and you activate it and its protection. Most of the time, Uriel does not yet have a message for the child, that time has not yet come. In ten or twenty years, this will be different.


Do you have any questions left?


Would Uriel like to tell me something about himself?


Not yet. There will be a detailed channeling on the subject. It is not important for you now to learn more about it.


I would like to thank you, Ivanor, and Jesus and Uriel for their service. Thank you also, Gabriela and Laurita, and thank you for all the answers.


Blessed be.