Our Children's Services


Taken from a channeling with a child’s Soul:


As long as you do not learn to assign your aggressions their rightful place (which is: fuel for development and sometimes self-affirmation), your children will assume and express it as their family’s servants, for they have the right to scream in your society which glosses over all that is in a sorry state and tries to keep silent about it. However, when you interrupt or want to prevent this service of theirs, it will leave children perplexed. Then, the aggression remains stuck within them and will be transformed in most children in more strenuous ways or released via crying and/or destroying things. Some children will withdraw completely and become passive.


Soothing them is not the best way either, it would be better to let them rage. And to understand these lines as a warning and assign your aggression its only rightful place within you in accordance with Divine Order: „fuel for insight and development in accordance with your Soul Plan and Divine Order!” Or release it yourself by working out…


Perhaps you believe that children depend on you and cannot contribute anything to a more pleasant life but being good and cheerful. That is a disastrous error which has led to children being looked at as little idiots.


We would like to tell you some things that have been on the tip of our tongue but we have not been able to express before:


Children’s services for others:


  • Balance emotional and physical fields (healing, comfort, equilibrium)

  • Express suppressed and unacknowledged emotions and conditions (screaming, raging, and being mean and generally all unbeloved feelings which we would rather not have at all).

  • Assume unresolved issues and programs of families/ancestors in order to try to resolve them for the highest good of all. A powerful curse underlies this mechanism which may be resolved: it is no specific curse, but THE generational curse. It works only because nobody knew that it is no longer current, necessary and appropriate.

  • Balance shortage in families (e.g. step in as parents to a younger brother or sister, or as partners during separations or when the parents’ relationship is a catastrophe, as protectors, mentors or even parents to their own biological parents – this may be OK for a short while, but is unhealthy in the long term).

  • Initiate changes in thinking, scrutinizing, becoming authentic, developing = development aid worker for their parents, family and other significant persons.

  • Unconditional love without any reservations or policy.


That had to be said. Spread it! The time has come for quite some things to change. Grown-ups need to observe and be aware of and refine themselves. Then future generations of children can stop to deal with harming traditions and inheritance. They would develop faster, and this is needed so their special ways of access and potentials can be used for the highest good of all.


Blessed be all who read this.


Oh, and even if you do not change a single thing, we still love you and would let you have dessert ;)