On Channeling


What is that? Why would I have one done? What is it good for?


The term is derived from the term “channel”. That is what I do during a channeling: I close the door to my emotions and my ego and activate my heart chakra for the communication on the soul level.

I set very precise conditions as I am well aware of the responsibility and possible dangers. In 2007, I concluded my half-year training as integrated channel medium with a diploma. The Big Book On Ray Children I channeled was published in 2010 (please refer to the chapter Ray Children), and I have had many clients coming to me for personal Channelings. I am well experienced in this field.

I am aware that the term has been meddled with and invites prejudice and I have decided not to fight against prejudice. Everybody is free to believe what they want. But if you are looking for it, I have an offer to make: make up your own mind. To this end, I have put online extracts of my channelings on my homepage. Enjoy!


My personal principles in channeling are:

  •  My sincere endeavor to accomplish the purest, clearest and best channeling  I am capable of
  • My deep respect of this holy ritual and
  • My gratitude for the granted access in order to support healing processes.