Law of Responsibility Towards Children


I would like to ask Metatron for an impersonal, detailed channeling on the law of responsibility towards children.


You have asked a very important question, to some (those who were already having a hard time with your energies) maybe even the most important question.


In this new age, it is important to know about the energies of the New Children or Ray Children or Special Children as you call them. Others call them „noisy brat“, „quack“ or „fidget“, because they do not know how they can or should treat them. For the old patterns of punishment, bias and abuse of “power” (which never was justified) do not work anymore.


In case those patterns are implied and the Soul does not see a way out, it creates one by making the children flee into other worlds (e.g. TV or computer). It is important what you pass on. It does matter, for together you are a part in the global transition which has begun and is going to continue. Prepare for higher vibrations and levels.
What you sow is what you, and those who will come after you, will reap.


The law of exchange and balance really takes effect here. Mind your seeds: If you sow lies, violence and impatience then that is what you will reap. If you sow love, emotional security, patience and attention then that is what you will reap. Make up your mind. It does not matter to us.


In the morning, the day is like a blank sheet of paper.


You can beat certain things or make a groove into the Souls (and unfortunately also into the bodies) of children, in order to form them according to your taste and your already obsolete ideologies.


What these children may become and achieve is close to nothing in comparison to what they could have become and achieved without the beating. You slow down their development, for they are forced into a role, a pattern which neither fits them nor is useful. Remember your own childhood and how you felt back then. Is that what you wish to pass on? You know about the old worries, patterns and fears of the generations of parents. It will be your task to let them go and dissolve them, for they no longer fit into the new age. Do not pass them on to your children; they would have an even harder time trying to make use of it than you did.


How do we treat our children well?


Let them live. Their Souls incarnated in order to make experiences. You cannot protect and keep them from it forever by shielding and locking them in. Your parents were not able to choose your friends – nor will you be able to choose your children’s friends. Give them a lot of freedom and emotional security when they need it. Be there for them without constraining them. This means that your Ego will suffer (true for most of you). And that is just as well for it means you will evolve and develop. Your children help you to grow beyond this oversized Ego and to let it go. The Ego led to abuse of power. The Ego was responsible for war and conflict. Please do not let it govern the way you treat your children.