Law of Resonance


I would like to ask Metatron for an impersonal, detailed channeling on the law of resonance.


The resonance of your awareness made you ask this question, daughter. So you may receive the following answers:


There can be resonance between each and everything.


Factors like free will, previous experiences (even from past lives of your Souls if something remained unsettled) and your social and natural surroundings are crucial in you humans.


All the rest obeys the cosmic laws of growth and development, from material to ethereal, from lower spheres of experience, emotions up to pure being. 


It always comes down to the beautiful word development, for when you are ready for an experience, resonance to all that is associated with it in your consciousness or Soul will arise. A human being will be in resonance to different fields in most cases, but not all. There is nothing in God’s creation that does not exist…


The law of resonance is associated with the principle of cause and effect.


You can use the law of resonance by wishing for what you want or need, by explaining why you need it and by imagining that you already have it (at your  disposal).


Does it also have to do with the Mirror Law (i.e. reflecting each other's weaknesses and strengths)?


Of course, it does. The Mirror Law is a special kind of the Law Of Resonance. You will learn more on this at a more suitable moment in time.


I thank you, Metatron.


You are most welcome. Talk to you soon.