Law of Abundance


I would like to ask Metatron for an impersonal, detailed channeling on the law of abundance.


There is so much love in your heart – and so much fear. They are two poles of the same ocean. Listen, child of love: this is Metatron. I am here to teach you and I experience myself through you. This is a pair of opposites, too, which complement each other.


Men and women are two halves that complement each other to one entity. If two have found one another and manage to coalesce (not exclusively on the physical level), they will experience and create abundance together. This will positively affect their lives and will radiate into their surroundings, too. There will be a rainbow spanning from one heart (chakra) to the other and it will make them both shine.


It is important for you to learn to come together as man and woman, even though both of you carry both aspects within you. That is how you reach balance and experience abundance. 


Desire and lust are not abundance and will not lead you there. They are too aggressive. Be consciously active, not aggressive.


You always experience abundance first in your hearts. From there, it spreads via your entire body and your Aura and when you experience abundance, it will shine right to the astral levels of your world.


It is also good for the so-called otherworld if you learn to live in abundance. Never forget personal responsibility, here. You cannot give abundance as a present to someone else. Live in abundance out of love for yourself. You will render yourself an invaluable service.


May your spirit be with you.