House Rules for Pixies


  1. If there is a mess somewhere within humans, this shall be shown on the outside.

  2. If humans do not value enough a certain thing, it shall be hidden from them, so they may learn to value it.

  3. If humans are too serious and caught up in thought, they shall be cheered up, so they they will start to laugh and forget the seemingly so very important things in their heads. Humans need to have fun in life and it is the task of the spiritual world, in particular of pixies, to make sure they have reason and possibility for having fun.

  4. If humans are evil towards pixies or other representatives of the spiritual world, amongst others also towards plants, minerals or animals, or if they treat the environment, their Mother Earth, heedlessly and disrespectfully they shall experience the consequences of their malice by means of „punishment“. When it comes to putting the punishments into practice, there will be a tribunal with all concerned parties, including the culprits’ Souls, which will agree on the sanctions and time and situation of their execution, so the humans will learn to treat respectfully all beings of nature.

  5. When humans are being oh so very good and keen on doing everything right and well, some embarrassment or high jinx need to be played on them in order to get them back to real life and down to earth. J

  6. For all other possible incidents, there will either be a tribunal, or if the offences are not too serious, the pixies may decide and act, as long as they remain within the rules and laws of Divine Order and honor the laws of cause and effect as well as of resonance.

  7. Without authorization, no pixie may play tricks on anyone without experiencing the consequences of unauthorized acts.


This channeling was done with the Keeper of pixies on April 16, 2008.