Food Crisis


Is it necessary to have a stock of food for several months due to the global financial crisis? Or are there any other messages in this regard?


It will not harm to have food on stock. As for now it is uncertain whether there will be a food shortage (it depends on many factors), but it will calm you to be prepared for any emergency. It will take away the stress and so you will be able to serenely face future events, come what may.  The fewer people are afraid, the safer you will all be. As this is about your source of life, your food, even the craftiest among you conscious humans may have a hard time to completely be and remain free of fear.


If the situation escalades, it is hard to predict how long the „crisis“ is going to last. However, we would like to ask you to keep in mind that it is unnatural to be able to eat all kinds of fruits and all eatables provided by earth and sea all year long. It is unnatural in the dismissive way most of you feed yourselves and your loved ones.


It may be a good idea for you to pay more respect to your food. Then you would also pay more respect to Mother Earth and would remember how your ancestors lived in harmony with Her. That would be good, indeed.


Before you ask the question arising in your mind: No, we would not provoke a break down in food supply just to teach you more respect for Mother Earth or to thank her once in a while.


In case everything breaks down, you humans will bear the absolute majority of responsibility for it. If you do not bethink yourselves of the simple things and become more grateful und more modest, you will create the possibility to learn this all on your own. You can have it the hard or the soft way.


We would like to recommend growing your own vegetables and fruits again. That has many advantages for you:


  • You will be less dependent on an economy designed to exploit you

  • You will work outside with the earth which will ground you

  • You will be able to release or recharge your batteries with fresh vital energy

  • You will live more in the seasonal rhythm

  • You may come in touch with natural spirits again

  • And gardening is physically exhausting – which would do many of you very good indeed.


It will make you more grateful and more modest, more satisfied and more heedful. So, many goals will be reached and some more will be closer. 


We wish you a lot of success and happiness. Blessed be.