Descriptions of Human Aspects

I) What is the ego?

The Ego is the manifestation of your personality fed by society, upbringing, education and the example others set for you (i.e. their patterns and programs). Recently it is also fed intensively by the media. Here, your aspects can manifest which are not parts of your Soul. The Ego vibrates lower than the Soul deliberately, so it cannot completely gain the upper hand and control the entire system. There will always be levels the human Ego cannot bustle about or dabble in. We phrased this sentence deliberately so your Ego may make itself felt, for you must gradually learn to distinguish when your Ego controls you and when your Soul guides you by means of inner impulses. Your Ego comes into effect whenever you feel that you need to defend yourself, your health or your truth in order to finally escape from terrible situations and circumstances. Even then, however, the Soul level always participates so you may succeed.

Your Ego can help you survive, but at times it can make difficult the life it strives to defend so fervently. This happens in case of e.g. excessive pride, when you bar your own way or defend simple misperceptions to the bitter end, because your Ego is afraid of having to scrutinize everything, afraid that your entire philosophy, its entire existence would be shaken, if it were truly and seriously occupied with one question. Or in many ways it can keep you from seeking the real truth because at first this would mean transformation and therefore could be uncomfortable. But truth liberates you and gives you back the power to choose. 

The Ego is crucial for your survival, but it should neither play the first fiddle nor be sole ruler of your emotions, thoughts and actions. It ought to learn to stand back and give the Soul the space it needs in order to guide you through life well, for the Soul knows the plan it created.

The human Ego is changing and, as your vibrations will increase, it will fall into line gradually and reach harmonious community and order with the Soul. This does not mean self-abandonment (or your Ego would disappear completely), but the development involves realizing  contexts, relations and interactions of all existence as well as cognizance of Divine Order, Divine Rules, Divine Plan and the function you fulfill in these. 

The human Ego is blessed right now.


2) What is the Shadow? 

The Shadow is the negative polarity in you, the aspects not yet integrated which you shove away. All the rest is integrated and experienced. Once the Shadow is integrated, you are healthy and „protected“, as you no longer emit any resonance of weakness or vulnerability and have very good odds indeed to remain healthy on all levels.

However, the Shadow is integrated in only very few of you who live it in a way that is in line with Divine Order and your Soul Plan. In most cases, you shove it away or try to strike balance in order to teach your system balance and peace between light and dark. Yet the information of how this works is stored within every human. All you need to do is activate the program (@ Iris: it was activated in you from outside out of necessity!): Ask your Soul for it and activate it together, again and again. Work with your body; let the program spread within, in order to inform everything accordingly. Then, simply feel and sense, ask your Soul how you can and may and sometimes have to implement and live all of this for your own highest good and the highest good of all. Here, “having to” refers to situations in which only one way is optimal and in line with Divine Order while you do not (yet) feel really comfortable with it. Otherwise you are free, and because of your free will you are free even in situations that present only one good path and many adverse or truly bad ones – free to choose a way that is not in line with your highest good and the highest good of all. 

That is the great paradox of humans: If you comprehend and implement that while the free will was bestowed upon you in order to acquire experience, the noblest way to honor it is to welcome Divine Truth, your Souls’ wisdom and Divine Existence and to dedicate your free will to the Divine Plan and your Soul Plan, then many things will transform simply and effectively on this planet of yours, and it will be to highest good of all as well as to the highest good of each and everyone of you. The more humans do this, the better it will be for each and everyone of you and for all.

The Shadow is not bad or dangerous as such. Basically, it exists as potential. And it is a part of every human and ought to remain recognized and integrated to the highest good of all. For if the Shadow is not integrated or a human is completely misguided, the Shadow can become very dangerous by separating, removing, destroying things that were not yet meant to be and not yet ought to have been separated, removed, destroyed.

You humans ought to principally befriend the following particular piece of truth: All that was built will be removed one day. Comprehend this and you will not encounter any problem with your Shadow anymore.


3) What is the Soul? 

This question needs to be answered from several points of view, so you may get a comprehensive picture. 

Viewed from the Soul level, the Soul simply exists as part of the Divine, the Original which has gained experience, qualified for certain things and perhaps disqualified for others (the latter, however, is not set in stone and can be altered at need or out of necessity). Thus, the Soul is a manifestation of the Divine, though somewhat personalized.

For you humans, the Soul is the Creator even though you largely do not know this. Thank God, your body still remembers though and can neither forget nor deny it and that is important, for otherwise your body would disintegrate or sicken or die. If your cells implemented all that your Ego, your emotions or your oh so clever mind came up with, you would kill yourselves within days (especially when you are grown up), because so few contradictions are at peace within you, and so little clarity and real truth is lived, and so many unhealthy programs leading to self-destruction exist and are executed within you and manipulate you. So, be happy that your body is primarily connected to and controlled by the Soul for this is what keeps most of you alive.

Can you imagine how much easier, better, more beautiful and more harmonious your life could be, if your Soul did not have to primarily deal with keeping your body alive; and if you listened to and implemented the Soul’s impulses and information?

Your Soul created you with all that has been attributed to you as potential and power and stamina and so on. In cooperation with Mother Earth it worked upon your body and determined your constitution. It specified aspects concerning and influencing your mind and Emotional Body, letting the field be wider or not quite so wide, more active or not quite so active etc. Your Soul does not have any influence on your Ego, unless you dedicate your Ego to your Soul and consciously put it in its service (better repeat this once in a while).

The Soul created the plan for your life, it knows the schedule and could pilot and guide you so you need not go any detours, need not waste any energy, but you need to learn to listen to it and you need to prove you are worthy of its information by abiding by and acting in line with it if possible. And it shall be stated right here and now: if you receive information from your Soul with orders what to do or observe, then it is feasible and good and sometimes very necessary for your own highest good and sometimes also for the highest good of all. Once you will have developed as a collective, you will recognize how your being and actions affect all existence around you and indirectly also on all existence in general.

From the levels of Collectives, of Angels and Demons, the Soul level is what they can take effect on. Principally your Soul is protected in case Demons should go too far. Please redefine these terms for you, i.e. do not think of them as of persons. Demons simply serve negative polarity and carry the power of separation and dissolution and sometimes necessary destruction, and they make use of this power as and when required. They adhere to Divine Order, except if a human links his or her free will with such a being and controls it, but then it is still a human behind any caused damage and the human will have to answer for it. Rather think of the Soul level as your Soul’s house. Newspapers with different kinds of information may arrive and the Soul decides what needs to be done with it for the highest good of its creature (which is you).

From the point of view of the Soul family, the Soul is a member able to provide information for the highest good of the Soul group (e.g. on the climate among humans at the moment in this place or another, in one social class or another, in one family/group or another), while at the same time, the Soul receives these important pieces of information. Basically, all incarnated Souls supply information to the Soul group, but as humans you can also download information from the Soul group (if you know how to do it, have the corresponding vibration and state of development). That information will be partly stored within you. If this happens, your Soul may decide as to what is allowed to be stored (so also what kinds of programs may be set up) and what is not. In this way, you are never asked for too much but only what you are able to achieve, do and bear. 

Your Soul is the level in you with the highest vibration, only eternal and pure truth hold true for it, it is the immortal, the ever evolving and developing, your Creator. 


4) What is the Emotional Body? 

The Emotional Body is the level of your being where emotions take place. It is connected to many of your other levels and aspects. In itself it is passive, but it can be activated from many levels in order to perform a specific function, e.g. manifesting one aspect, releasing tension (e.g. laughing or crying or conscious calming down/ meditating and so on) or reacting to something according to a program. As a support the emotional field can be integrated when manifesting, too. If you manage to consciously control your emotions, you ought to take care that solely the Soul can use this control (not the Ego, foreign systems and programs or Shadow aspects which are not integrated), for that is the fastest way to learn. You will get to know yourself, your friends, your family, your entire entourage and environment and how your world works. It is easy for you humans to learn by means of your emotions and to remember things you learn this way.

The Emotional Body is a human part of your existence. Souls are slowly learning what it is like to not only „have“ or „stir“ emotions but to feel and sense and experience them, i.e. take part in the emotions and be touched by them to some extent. This is a rather new development which will be worked upon and will serve you and many others. For the key to growth and happiness and unity on all levels lies in the connection of you humans (including all your aspects) and your Souls via the emotional field. This will be further developed for the highest good of all.


5) What is the Pain Body? 

The Pain Body is part of the Emotional Body and the physical body (this is also connected to the energy system because it is not separated from the body) responsible for manifesting pain and making it tangible, in order to hint at something that was not yet comprehended or which can be expressed adequately in this way only.

Ideally, this field of yours ought to be purified regularly for your highest good, so it becomes, is and will remain free of foreign programs trying to control you via this level. This has happened on a large scale and comprehensively on earth again and again and it is not in line with Divine Order. Do you ask yourself why? Because of free will!


6) What is Divine Order? 

Divine Order aligns everything according to the Divine Plan. It comprehends all structures be they material, emotional, energetic, mental, ethereal etc. and they all correspond to the Divine Plan.


7) What is the Divine Plan? 

The Divine Plan is the plan of development from plurality to unity and comprises a tendency towards development on a level of existence of higher vibration, irrespective of whether incarnated or not and regarding all existence. 

Every Soul Plan and development plan for every Collective is part of the Divine Plan and along with basic vibration they all make up the Divine Plan according to which everything aligns (or ought to).


8) What is the Soul Plan? 

The Soul Plan is the basic plan for a human’s life. The Soul created it before creating the human according to this plan and the Soul knows the plan. Partly, the Soul Plan manifests in the body as well, because otherwise it would not be able to live and develop. Principally, the Soul Plan is always in line with Divine Order and part of the Divine Plan.

You humans have the choice of behaving according to your Soul Plan and living by it or not. If you do, you will be in harmony with creation, for everything vibrates and aligns according to the Divine Plan and in this case, you humans fulfill the tasks needed from and expected of you and are the way you are required to be. Or you can choose against it, which will entail necessary course corrections in various variations and there will be a lot of resistance in your life, so you may notice that your actions do not yet comply with the way set out for you. If it was easy and pleasant to tread wrong paths and decide against Divine Order and if you did not get any hint that what you had been doing was wrong, you would not develop. Yours is the choice as to whether your life is in flow (i.e. in line with your Soul Plan) or full of resistance (i.e. not in line with your Soul Plan).

However, we wish to add that there are tests which are necessary to finish individual issues as well as associated and interacting issues and to be able and allowed to live free of them (issues may also be simply at peace and no longer disturb afterwards) henceforth. For when you pass a test, you may start something new, you may be allowed to learn, use, recognize or be granted access to something you need, which benefits or helps you. And sometimes tests feel hard and you have to choose and act according to your choice. This can feel like resistance or simply complicated. If you want to take the easy way out of such situations, ask your Soul and act on what you are told.


9) What is a Serving Soul? 

A Serving Soul does not incarnate in order to only gather experience and develop but also in order to serve, e.g. as Ray Child or Serving Soul with unusual tasks. This does not make a Soul better or more valuable, nor weaker than or inferior to others, it simply has a different plan for this life and a different task is set “from above” and is to be executed for the highest good of all.

By now, many Serving Souls are incarnating on earth, for it is time to considerably increase the vibration within the field of you humans and to proceed in development and conscious being. 

The services can vary greatly and whatever is to happen is necessary – there is no room for trial and error here. The universe performs trial and error in other areas that are not urgent.


10) What are Earth Keeper Crystals? 

Earth Keeper Crystals are crystals containing information of old Atlantis – or so it is written in your books. It is about fundamental laws of the universe and the laws of Earth which ought to be kept. But in fact everything that is natural and all natural beings subject to Divine Order (and not the potentially misled Ego or a human’s program) comprise the information on the fundamental laws of the universe and can be retrieved, recognized, and experienced from anywhere (if you know how to).

Some of you have been able to easily contact crystals and retrieve their information and got the impression that there are Earth Keeper Crystals. If you want to use this term in line with Divine Truth, you would have to say that all existence and all crystals that have not been tainted in their vibration and information by humans serve as mirrors for Divine Order and so each and every one of them contains one or more aspects of Divine Existence as information in order to strengthen the field of life and being on the planet.

Here is an important piece of information and it also comes from the Collective level: there are no special stones, gems or crystals which carry more of the fundamental laws and of the basic vibration of the universe or the Divine or the Divine Order or of this planet than others. That does not exist. But there are humans who develop a special resonance when dealing with crystals and gems (scrutinize your psyche for the meaning of stones and crystals – eternal, original and so on) and this field of resonance aids them in recognizing fundamental truths. But this has more to do with the individual humans, and the gems simply serve as their projection screens. It seems that sometimes you humans need a kind of mirror to recognize (yourselves?)….


11) What is a Collective Soul? 

That is the combination of all Soul energies and vibrations of all plants or animals or stones of one kind resp. species.