Ancestor Channeling


What is that? Why would I have one done? What is it good for?


The Ancestor Channeling can free you from undesirable patterns and belief systems that were passed on unconsciously. Those may show e.g. when looking at or listening to yourself, how you actually react while you wanted to say or do something completely different. We overreact, let ourselves be talked round or wonder, what the hell may have come over us when making this or that decision.
Everyone I have every met has patterns (in behavior, emotions and thinking) and belief systems that were passed on by their family. It does not matter whether or not you know your family, whether you like your family – they are there, unconsciously. They affect us as long as they remain unnoticed. As soon as we notice them and receive tools to make a different choice, we become free.


In the Ancestor Channeling, we inquire about undesired patterns and belief systems. And we ask the Ancestor Souls and your Soul to show us ways how you can delete or change these undesired programs in the most efficient way. Often it is important not to enter the realm of condemnation, for most of the time there is a logical, comprehensible reason to everything.


With these answers you may start your journey towards becoming a truly free human being. May you find healing.