Addendum on Color Rays


I would like to add the following extract from a Channeling with Adamis and Ivanor, keeper of the Rainbow Ray, on ray combinations in Rainbow Children and in particular in Ray Children:


An acquaintance of mine came with the colors Magenta and Royal Blue and it is her task to achieve balance and peace within her. I suspect that those two combined Color Rays correspond to the vibrations of the Violet Color Ray, for which the task of achieving inner balance is typical. Does this correlation really exist or am I wrong?


It does exist. Once she has achieved her task, Magenta and Royal Blue will not be perceptible anymore, Violet will be.


Is this true for all Ray Children?


No, it is true for some.


In another acquaintance there is Yellow-Blue-Green. Does this mean that it will be only Green once she has achieved her task?


Yes, that is correct as well.


Is there a Color Ray which is only Green or Rose or Blue?


Yes, of course. But most people would find it boring to have the same task from the beginning to the end of their life, without other nuances. And so, Souls have occasionally decided to first make experiences in other fields (the Soul is enriched, too, if different aspects can be experienced and learned in one life time), before they realize what they are really here for.


Is there a Grey Color Ray?


No, there is not in this universe. Silver-blue is the only ray which contains something similar to Silver. However, Silver is appearing in other combinations as well, e.g. Rose or Pastel Pink, Dark Red and Yellow.


Brown is another color that has not yet appeared as a single Color Ray literally. If you see it in somebody’s Magnetic Birth Chakra, it will be a combination of Red and Green that have already interwoven well and are integrated.


Adamis: Why are there more combinations now than when Frank channeled the rays, why are there „new“ rays like Yellow and Violet?


Because they are necessary and required now. Time on earth has come for this development and in a way all those incarnating Serving Souls are midwifes. They do not only give birth to themselves over and over again in order to vibrate on the latest stage of development and to support. Together they give birth to Planet Earth and the future of the age of Aquarius with the new magnetic vibrations.


By the way, the Silver Color Ray is never used alone but always in combination with other Rays as it represents deeply magnetic and “metallic” vibrations and such qualities need to still be attenuated at present on Earth. Mercury is the “element” they would correspond with on Earth. But that time has not yet come.


Is really any Color Ray combination possible?


Not quite. Here is a list of what does not exist:


  • Pure White

  • Pure Silver

  • Brown as Brown

  • Pure Black

  • Black-Red and all other combinations with Black except for Pearl White

  • Green and Pure Violet (there is always a supplement)

  • Pure Red

  • All other combinations already exist or are evolving to a „dominant“ Color Ray which unites several Rays, once they are integrated.


Can you tell me in combination with Ivanor, if there is Black in Rainbow Children?


Yes, I can. But I would rather have him answer.


I thank you. I would like to ask Ivanor for an impersonal, detailed channeling on the Rainbow Ray. Are all colors part of it?


Beloved child, it only contains the colors of the rainbow. No Black, no Brown, no White, hardly any Silver (Silver is there very rare). But as you know from color theory: if you speed up all light colors of the rainbow, you will get White.  It could be said that only a Soul from the White Brotherhood or another very pure Soul can be sent to Earth with the vibrations of the Rainbow Ray.


This means that sometimes and in certain situations, Rainbow Children will have to decide for the light or dark light side, i.e. they can use their potentials in a very materialistic way. Then they risk that their blend of potentials is used very materialistically and all that is very materialistic, is subject to polarity and its laws. Or they may decide to use their potentials for the light side, i.e. for development etc. and again will be at risk to not be grounded enough. Actually, the latter is more probable, as the Serving Souls choose a service, a task for their incarnation. It is only very rarely necessary to live the detour via experiences of being overly attached to materialistic goods so that dark light experiences happen.


But especially Ray Childrenwith some Black-Pearl White or Rainbow are interesting for both sides of light and will be fiercely fought over once they arrive on Earth (and for some: once they realize their potential). Some have a very wide range of potentials, others very extreme potential. Both can lead to great changes in their own way. The choice (or test) which side they want to be and act on will be set before them not just once, but several times.


Ivanor: Could I render a service to the dark side of light without any unpleasant consequences?


You may respect the dark side of light and do what you have been doing: explain to humans that both sides exist and are necessary. You can teach them gradually how to better deal with the dark side so they can find and achieve balance within them.


   Do the Birth Rays of all Rainbow Children contain all colors of the rainbow or does it just mean that there are many or some colors combined?


All colors of the rainbow. But there is an exception to every rule.


   Ivanor, I thank you.