Soul Drop Technique – The Holy Touch

This technique is called Soul Drop because the Collective Souls of the plants and of Rock Crystal will work with you in your Soul’s service. They prepare and enable you to get in closer contact with your Soul Level, so your Soul may communicate better with and take effect on you on all your levels, so you will remember (or finally think about) who you are, what you are here for and what your Soul intends for your life, so you may realign accordingly. 


The Soul Level is always part of the Divine Plan and in harmony resp. in service of the universe and all creation. If we manage (whether on our own or with outside help) to raise our system’s vibrations and especially the vibrations of our awareness and to open up for our Soul‘s energy and power, we come more and more in line with Divine Order, consciously become a part of the Whole and will experience – as positive side effect – less resistance and more flow in life.


Session Soul Drop: Euro 120