Joy and Blessing for Mums and Kids

(And People In Burn-Out, Depression and Grief)


This treatment harmonizes on all levels and is a perfect way to prepare for necessary processes, to optimize them or follow them up afterwards. 

Often, we carry programs blocking the optimal processes. These are undermined, deleted and sent away - softly yet clearly. The treatment is very pleasant, you can let yourself fall and enjoy. Afterwards, your system will work better on all levels than before. It also optimizes healthy proliferation as well as the building and regeneration of cells. 


The treatment is performed very softly and calmly, lovingly and without any pressure (respecting your private parts). It is specially designed so that both Mums and Kids may relax. A gem may be chosen that is specially prepared for the client(s) and may be taken home. You may also blend some or all essential oils used during the treatment and take this personal blend home for your intuitive use.  Mums and kids have very good instincts and intuitively know whether and where and how they need something.  That is what the Collective Souls trust in. 

When you feel burned out, depressed or are in grief, you may profit greatly from this treatment, as well. It would set right so many things and bring them into Divine Order for you. 


Session for Mums: Euro 120 for the first treatment including gem. 

Follow-up sessions of the same kind: Euro 20 less, but at least 60€.

Session for Kids: Hourly rate depending on actual duration (Euro 60/hour)


Expected duration: approximately 15 – 45 minutes