Power Of Blossoms’ Oils - Flower Power

This treatment enables you to experience grounded ease without drama, violence and without fight. Solely the power of the united blossoms’ Collective Souls manages to increase the vibration.


The Collective Souls have gifts for all who experience resonance to one blossom (or more), they strive to make this field of resonance available and optimize it. People who used to be “consecrated” to flowers were called fairy or flower fairy which were other terms for „wise woman“ in former times.


The treatment establishes a field of resonance through which both therapist and client are acted upon. 


The treatment answers our needs for beauty, elegance, grace, splendour, unison, unity, calm, sangfroid, indulgence“ (as a way to value ourselves) and for joy.


Every part of the treatment is repeated three times, extending its effect right through to the chakra channel. It also stimulates cell memory to realign on harmony and unison in a smooth and gentle way. 


Session Power Of Blossoms’ Oils – Flower Power: Euro 120