Clarity And Blessing for Kids (6 - 16 Year olds)

This treatment is recommended for children who are often tired, who have been carrying things which are not their own. For children who have been having a really hard time to concentrate or follow any communication or lessons. Traumatized, very shy and anxious children will also benefit greatly from this treatment.


The treatment will support or activate children’s potentials so they will be free of things they have taken on pointlessly or unjustifiedly from their parents, older sisters or brothers, from ancestors, grandparents or other people. They will be more in flow and feel more alive.


When children become free and no longer carry and pay for others’ issues, those are returned to where they belong. Follow-up treatments may ensue.


The treatments channeled by Iris Kraml-Weber are able to remove, neutralize, and restore entire family issues, bad curses as well as the effects of difficult fates to peace and Divine Order.


Session for Kids: Hourly rate depending on actual duration (Euro 60/hour)


Expected duration: approximately 15 – 45 minutes