Beauty And Power Of Tress

This treatment provides a lot of inner power and stability, grounding and rootedness and re-aligns you upwards.


It strengthens all which is healthy in you, your Soul. The Collective Souls will work off issues and set things aright so you can work on them on your own again and may live with more courage and confidence, higher self esteem and a healthier sense of self-worth. In some cases, entire groups of issues will be treated.


The treatment helps you to release issues that are not yours and is especially recommended if you are being influenced, manipulated or beset, threatened or constrained. It will protect you and lift your spirits, your personal dignity gains center stage again and it will be easier for you to experience and express your potential.


The treatment is highly recommended when you are going through extreme phases of transition or when you are extremely burdened or unstable. You may receive one session a week over a period of four weeks, so you may release issues you have been trying to deal with for a long time, but have not made any or much headway on your own.


Session Beauty And Power Of Trees: Euro 125


Value of used essential oils:  Euro 19